Bakalinge nature/rose

Material: Raffia

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These wonderful baskets, in the colors nature/rose are part of our new collection. They are made by Hermine`s family and other families from her village in Ampangabe.


Buying one of the baskets simultaneously supports the families in Ampangabe. It stabilises their livelihoods and decreases the dependence on their farm work, which generates very little income, especially in the winter.

The baskets are made out of the fibers from the Raffia palm. In a very advanced procedure, the Raffia gets harvested, washed, colored, dried and finally processed into raffia mats, baskets or other commodities.

Some of the baskets can vary in form and size because they are made from various people.

Also, the colors could bleach out when leaving them in harsh sunlight.

The baskets are available in two sizes.



M:   43cm high 34cm width


L:     54cm high 42cm width

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