New project: The public health center of Tsinjony.

The public health center of Tsinjony is situated 2 km from Ampangabe. It is run by a single doctor-nurse, with help from her husband and one assistant. They are in charge of 1,568 children under 15 years old who need vaccines. Fortunately, the health center has recently been donated by some visitors; a solar panel and a freezer that allow them to keep a minimum number of vaccines. But the size of the freezer is still not enough to cover the needs.

Project  water and toilet for the school in Ampangabe

After a violent cyclone in January 2015, which destroyed the school's only toilet as well as access to running water. In February 2017, after only 3 weeks of construction, the new sanitary facilities of the Ampangabe school were handed over and inaugurated in a solemn ceremony. Hasina was there and found many bright faces. The pupils and teachers now have a toilet house with functioning toilets and running water! We thank everyone who helped us make the school happy with a new toilet house. This could be made possible because you have so diligently bought our Mira Nature products. Many thanks also on behalf of all pupils and teachers of Ampangabe.