Madagascar is the 4th poorest country in the world.

We wanted to find a way to support some malagasy families and also bring their wonderful handcrafts to other Markets.

Mira Nature.

The baskets

Harona Sisal basket

from 55,00€

Boîte Raffia basket

from 24,00€

Bady Sisal basket

from 20,00€



Mira Nature was founded in 2015 when we were on a holiday in Madagascar. When the beautiful, vibrant and authentic handcrafts immediately caught our eyes.

The bags and baskets are all made in Ampangabe, a small village around 30km away from the capital of Madagascar. The people in those small villages mainly live from their farming.

During the winter season the familys have a harder time because their harvest is very low . To get through those months they try to sell handmade crafts like bags and baskets to tourists.

Mira works with a few of those familys to assure them a good income. read more